Film Finance

Austin has a reputation as a great place for aspiring motion picture producers. One of the questions I have encountered in my entertainment law practice concerns how to get the financing necessary for getting the production off the ground. Many simply think they can go to a bank or find some wealthy friends to "help them out."

Unfortunately, most banks won't touch a movie production with a ten foot pole because they are a risky venture. This is definitely a point where an entertainment lawyer is necessary. One of the preferred methods for funding smaller independant productions is to form an LLC and then find people to invest in it. This may sound simple but it involves an entire array of State and Federal Securities laws in addition to the task of setting up the LLC itself. And of course this doesn't even touch on the Intellectual Property issues that are bound to come up.

It may seem tedious but it is definitely worth getting matters set up properly to avoid any surprises down the road.

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