Entertainment Law

Entertainment Law

Entertainment law is an exceedingly complex area of the law. No matter what area of entertainment you are in, The Law Office of Joshua G. Jones can help you navigate the dizzying array of issues that will inevitably come your way.


Austin is the live music capital of the world for good reason. However, to eventually stand out, your band or act must be aware of the many entertainment law issues that will confront you as you begin to succeed in this business. Here are some of the common legal issues that The Law Office of Joshua G. Jones can handle for you:

  1. Band agreements and LLC formation so that everyone in the band clearly understands what rights they have to the music, royalties, merchandise, equipment, etc.
  2. Music publishing and licensing agreements and recording contracts so that you know exactly what the agreement you are signing says and your options.
  3. Copyright and trademark issues so that you are made aware of how to protect your intellectual property so that it is not used without your permission and to protect your band or act’s name so that your musical identity is secured.

Motion Pictures, Webcasting, Television

Unfortunately, making a movie, television show, or webcast is not as simple as pointing a camera and then sending the film into a studio or posting on a website. The Law Office of Joshua G. Jones can help you get your vision into reality by:

  1. Helping you organize you and your partners into an LLC or other legal partnership so that everyone clearly understands their rights and liabilities in the project.
  2. Drafting cast/crew/location agreements and releases so that you are protected from legal issues that almost inevitably arise during a project.
  3. Protecting your intellectual property rights by securing your copyrights in your work and your trademarks so that no one is able to use your work or your identity/logos to take advantage of the work you’ve done.
  4. Reviewing and negotiating distribution and licensing agreements so that you clearly understand what it is you are signing and obtain the best terms possible.


Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes necessary to protect your art from those trying to take advantage of you. The Law Office of Joshua G. Jones can be a powerful advocate in your corner when entertainment law issues become involved. Some of our litigation services include:

  1. Advising you on the relative strength of your position and whether you should pursue a claim.
  2. Sending cease and desist letters to let others know that you object to their use of your copyrighted work or your trademark.
  3. Holding the other side accountable in contract negotiations involving your work.
  4. Representing you through all stages of an entertainment related lawsuit.

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