Flat Fee Trademark Registration

Flat Fee Trademark Regist…

Protect your brand by securing a federal trademark registration. We’ve successfully registered hundreds of trademarks for companies large and small. By providing a flat fee, we give your business predictability in securing its important trademarks.

What is the flat fee rate?

Here’s how it works. We charge $1,000 per trademark application in one class. This rate includes the $225 filing fee with the USPTO. Each additional class is $400. This fee covers the application, correspondence with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and preparing and mailing your certificate of registration once secured.

What is not covered: If the trademark examiner objects to your application on a substantive basis such as confusion with an already registered mark or descriptiveness, we will require an additional fee to respond to the objection. If we receive such an objection, we will discuss together the likelihood of overcoming the objection and provide a budget for the response.

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