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I posted a new educational video about just what a trademark is. I get a lot of questions and confusion from people who wonder exactly what a trademark is and what can function as a trademark. The video lays out the definition of a trademark and the… Read More
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Policing Your Trademark

This is related to the post concerning trademark bullying. The purpose of trademarks is to prevent consumers from being confused as to the source of origin of particular goods/services. So when I buy a Pepsi cola I know just by looking at the name/de… Read More
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Another University Trademark Case

Here is another trademark case involving use of a University trademark. This case involves the University of Alabama and a sports artist. This case shares many similarities with the UT Tower trademark case I am currently involved in. The question is… Read More
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UT Tower Car Wash Case

I am currently awaiting word on summary judgment regarding the UT Tower car wash case. This case has gotten a lot of local coverage. Read More
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The Problem with Legal Zoom

I’ve had many many clients come to me to fix their trademark application after trying to do it through Legal Zoom. I really don’t recommend trying to obtain a Federal Trademark Registration through Legal Zoom for a variety of reasons but… Read More
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