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Coke Zero Trademark Battle for Nothing?

Yesterday it was revealed that Coca-Cola was replacing its Coke Zero line of soft drinks with a new drink called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. This is an interesting development for trademark lawyers because Coca-Cola has been engaged in a years long fight o… Read More
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University of Texas Havoc Trademarks

The hiring of Shaka Smart by the University of Texas may lead to a trademark dispute between UT and Smart’s former school Virginia Commonwealth University. Shortly after the hiring of Smart, Texas filed for trademark registrations for “Ho… Read More
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Keep Track of Your Trademarks

Even big entities like Sony sometimes forget to keep track of their trademarks. Sony has filed a Petition to Revive its trademark application for BloodBorne it registered on an intent to use basis for computer games. Sony claims that its reason for l… Read More
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I posted a new educational video about just what a trademark is. I get a lot of questions and confusion from people who wonder exactly what a trademark is and what can function as a trademark. The video lays out the definition of a trademark and the… Read More
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What the heck is Trade Dress?

Most people are familiar with trademarks in logos and words. However, a lot fewer people realize that the actual packaging for a product and the design of a product can serve the same function as a trademark. This is known as Trade Dress. One promine… Read More
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Why You Should Register Your Trademark

Many people seem unaware of the importance of obtaining a Trademark Registration for their brand. Whether you are a small band, a large corporation, or anything in between, a Trademark Registration is vital. Now many lawyers when asked why a Trademar… Read More
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