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Entity Formation for Entertainers

One of the most frequent questions I get from entertainers in all industries is “what kind of entity should I form?” This is a really important decision to make for bands especially. David Valenti, a partner at my firm Reed & Scardino… Read More
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Johnny Football Trademark

I was interviewed by NPR today concerning the efforts of Texas A&M and then family of Johnny Manziel to trademark the nickname Johnny Football. Check it out here. Read More
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Texas State Trademark Rights

Many people, trademark lawyers included, do not give a whole lot of thought to state trademark rights. Instead, they focus on obtaining Federal rights culminating in a Federal registration. While the Federal rights are critical, I believe it is a mis… Read More
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The Hunger Games and Copyright/Trademark

It was brought to my attention that a workout web page on facebook Blogilates has gotten in some trouble for posting “Hunger Games” workout videos. The post I saw said that the creator of the video believed she was protected by the “… Read More
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Trademark Searching

I added a new video today about trademark searching. This video details how to conduct a quick knockout search on the USPTO.gov website and also shows how you can find information about the current status of trademark applications. Read More
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Policing Your Trademark

This is related to the post concerning trademark bullying. The purpose of trademarks is to prevent consumers from being confused as to the source of origin of particular goods/services. So when I buy a Pepsi cola I know just by looking at the name/de… Read More
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