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I posted a new educational video about just what a trademark is. I get a lot of questions and confusion from people who wonder exactly what a trademark is and what can function as a trademark. The video lays out the definition of a trademark and the… Read More
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Two things you need before starting a label

A lot of my clients are entrepreneurs and look to start their own labels to help some of the great talent in Austin get their careers to the next level. Here are two things that I recommend every label do before starting. First, you need to get contr… Read More
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Defining The Employment Relationship

One source of conflict that often occurs in the entertainment industry involves the employment relationship. There are many pitfalls for both the employee, employer, or independent contractor that can be easily avoided with the help of an entertainme… Read More
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Why You Should Register Your Trademark

Many people seem unaware of the importance of obtaining a Trademark Registration for their brand. Whether you are a small band, a large corporation, or anything in between, a Trademark Registration is vital. Now many lawyers when asked why a Trademar… Read More
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The Importance of the Trademark

One aspect of the entertainment industry that I see even my most sophisticated clients ignore is branding and trademarks. The function of a trademark is to help consumers distinguish between the source of goods and services. So for example, seeing th… Read More
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The importance of band agreements

One of the unfortunate things I’ve noticed during my representation of bands is how few of them have a band agreement. This even includes many bands that have taken the time to organize as an LLC. I cannot overemphasize how important having a b… Read More
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