Why You Should Register Your Trademark

Many people seem unaware of the importance of obtaining a Trademark Registration for their brand. Whether you are a small band, a large corporation, or anything in between, a Trademark Registration is vital. Now many lawyers when asked why a Trademark Registration is necessary will begin talking about esoteric things like legal presumptions and statutory damages. While those types of considerations are certainly very important, one of the critical aspects of a registration that people often ignore is that the registration is vital if you have any designs on ever selling your business, brand, or web site. No sophisticated business or individual is going to buy a brand unless they are sure that the right to use the brand, logo, or website is clear. The best way to show this to a potential buyer is with a Federal Trademark Registration. So if you are thinking about possibly selling your business at some point, you want to make sure you have your intellectual property protected, especially your trademark rights.